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Community Involvement

Supporting Pets in Need.

At Blue Buffalo, we’re not just committed to making the best pet food we can, we’re also doing what we can to give back to the pets that bring us so much joy. That’s why, in 2013, we’re lending our support to the PetSmart Rescue Waggin’. It’s just one small way we can begin to repay the selfless love and loyalty our pets show us every day.

About the Rescue Waggin’.

It’s a sad fact that millions of pets are left without homes. These are all incredible pets that deserve a loving home and family to live with. That’s where the Rescue Waggin’ comes in.

By taking dogs from overcrowded shelters with high euthanasia rates and transporting them to areas of the country where these pets are in high demand, thousands of lucky pets are finding their forever homes. And thousands of lucky pet parents are uniting with their new best friends.

As proud supporters of the Rescue Waggin’, we’re looking forward to helping make a positive difference in the lives of the pets and kind people opening their homes to a rescue animal. To date over 65,000 dogs have been adopted through the efforts of the Rescue Waggin’ and we’re proud to be a part of helping that number grow.

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