Adopt a Loving Friend This Holiday Season

Thinking of adding a new furry family member soon? Please choose adoption — you’ll save a life and get a new best friend this holiday season! From October through January, we’re sponsoring Helen Woodward Animal Center's Home 4 the Holidays program with the ultimate goal of seeing 1,000,000 amazing animals adopted! Every animal adopted through this program will get a BLUE adoption kit loaded with coupons and other great stuff!

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Get a kit with your adoption!

Statistics We Can Change Together

Each year about 2.7 million shelter animals are adopted. With your help this number can grow!

It’s estimated there are about 70 million stray animals in the United States.

Only 18% of homed dogs, and 16% of homed cats came from a shelter.

Up to 70% of family pets are given away, abandoned, or end up in a shelter.


Everyone Has Their Own Story

Just like all of us, our pets all have their own stories. And while some of their stories start with heartache and pain, every adopted companion gets their chance at redemption, because for every loving home opened, a life is saved. We encourage you to take some time to read some of the incredible success stories of our adopted friends and consider giving the best gift you could give an orphan animal: a loving home.

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