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Get Back in Touch with Nature: Visit Denali National Park in Alaska

Like the majority of people today, you and your furry family member probably spend a lot of time indoors. Weekdays, perhaps you’re sitting in a cubicle clicking away at the computer.

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Sure, you may really like your job, but you're ready for a break; you're ready to get out and explore the wilderness.

More than likely, your dog is ready for a change of scenery as well. So it may be time for both of you to escape the modern world and get back to nature.

Denali National Park in Alaska offers six million acres of breathtaking scenery, interesting wildlife and an assortment of activities to both soothe and re-energize. Although peak visiting season is May through September, every season offers fantastic natural beauty.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are welcome in the park, but there are a few regulations to protect the area's wildlife.

  • Make sure your dog is leashed at all times (6-foot leash or shorter).
  • Pets are not allowed on park trails, off-trail wilderness or on buses. 
  • You cannot leave a tethered pet unattended. 

Your pets can be walked throughout the campground and on the Denali Park Road, a 91-mile stretch giving you and your furry friend an opportunity to take in the colorful, lush vegetation and mountainous landscapes. You can also drive the first 15 miles of the Denali Park Road in your own car.

Getting into the heart of Denali Park

If you wish to get to the heart of Denali Park (and you should) it's best to hop on a bus or plane tour. This gives you a better opportunity to view the amazing wildlife such as grizzly bears, moose, wolves, caribou and Dall sheep.

Unfortunately, your dog can’t join you on this part of the journey, but he can relax in places like the Tonglen Lake Canine Resort and Kennels. This facility offers a professional groomer, training classes and first-class boarding. 

Along with its wildlife, Denali National Park is also well known for a magnificent landmark: Denali mountain, formerly known as Mount McKinley. Denali is the highest point in North America and draws climbers from all over the world.

You don't have to be a climber, however, to experience the breathtaking beauty. A flightseeing tour also gives you an intimate view, or you could see the impressive mountain from several spots along the Denali Park Road. As early as mile nine, you can glimpse Denali, so consider taking your pup out for a ride to experience the natural beauty too.

Best times to visit

Denali National Park is open all year long, but the best times to visit are in the spring and summer months. In June, bursts of green start to appear, and colorful wildflowers start blooming in July. Try to visit early in peak season before the crowds come and the park is packed with people. 

People and pets may have gotten used to modern society, but that doesn't mean we don't long for natural environments from time to time. When you need to get out into the wild, pack your bags and take your dog on a trip to Denali National Park. Nothing quite compares to the therapeutic effects of untouched land. 

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