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Know Before You Go: 10 Facts About Denali

Rugged and breathtakingly beautiful, Denali National Park is one of the best places to visit if you're longing to escape into the wild. The facts about this unique and interesting northern park speak for themselves.

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1. Home to the highest North American peak

Denali Mountain (formerly known as Mount McKinley) is 20,310 feet high, making it a popular challenge for climbers. You don't have to wear crampons and wield a rope to appreciate its magnificence, however. Thanks to numerous trails and tours, you can get great views of Denali even from a distance.

2. Six-million wild acres

Denali National Park is so massive, most of the land is designated as wilderness. Only one 91-mile road stretches through the park.

3. Glacial paradise

16% of Denali National Park is covered with glaciers. You can take off on a flightseeing tour and experience a glacier landing through many of the park's air services. Like taking a trip back to the Ice Age, you can stand on this incredible frozen terrain and peer up at the towering mountains.

4. Summer is best

Denali National Park's temperature is mild June through August, averaging 60 degrees Fahrenheit. That way, if you visit during peak summer season, you can enjoy the great outdoors without feeling overheated.

5. Mush on!

Ever since Denali hired its first ranger in 1921, Alaskan Huskies have been tirelessly carting supplies, protecting the park, and pulling people around Denali. These wonderful sled dogs are one of the park’s most unique and well-loved attractions.

6. Hiking trails abound

Exploring Denali National Park’s many trails can give you a glimpse of the amazing wildlife. Only 10 trails are actually maintained by the park, so you’ll want to stick with those if you’re not the trailblazing type.

7. Northern light show

Get a spectacular view of the northern lights during spring and fall; you might even see the aurora borealis as early as August. If you don't plan your trip during those months, don't worry. Even without the Northern Lights, the Alaskan night sky is an incredible sight to see. 

8. This park is for the birds

Pack your binoculars: There are 169 species of birds in Denali National Park. Throughout the year, species from six continents visit Denali during their Alaskan migration.

9. Bears, wolves and marmots, oh my

Denali is home to wondrous wildlife including Dall sheep, grizzly and black bears, wolves, caribou, marmots, otters, beavers and mountain goats. Travel to the heart of the park via tour bus for the best place to experience Alaska’s wildlife.

10. Home to the breathless

Denali is so cold most reptiles and amphibians can’t survive there, except the hibernating wood frog. This amphibian uniquely handles the freezing winter temps by simply not breathing. Its heart stops beating as well.

Indeed, every national park has unique attractions, but like the wood frog, Denali will surely take your breath away. Enjoy this true wilderness experience by setting out on a spectacular journey to Denali.