Prey Feeding.

BLUE Carnivora was created to fulfill your pet’s instinct to feed on a variety of prey – just as they would in nature.

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*Based on dry formulas for adult standard-size dogs
**Dry dog and cat formulas exclude peas and pea protein

Perfected with Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Why Feed Carnivora?

Each recipe is packed with multiple protein-rich animal sources, including nutrient-dense organs. And all dry formulas include joint-nourishing cartilage. Discover the 5 Carnivora Truths and what they mean for your pet.

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What Is Prey Feeding?

Find out why prey-based feeding can be a nutritious yet more convenient alternative or supplement to raw feeding.

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Each dog and cat has the soul of a carnivore, lying in wait for meat and prey. And all Carnivora recipes feed that instinct. A grain-free food with multiple protein-rich animal sources, organ meats and cartilage, Carnivora is perfected with the essential vitamins and minerals dogs and cats need to thrive.

Recipes available for each life stage and breed size.