What Is Prey-Based Feeding?


Quick Guide: An Alternative to Raw Food Diets

While some pet parents may consider feeding raw dog food and cat food diets, there are other high-protein, grain-free choices, such as prey-based diets.

Prey-based foods are usually grain-free and consist of:
Satisfying Dogs' and Cats' Natural Instincts

Scientific studies have shown domestic dogs are 99.8% genetically identical to the grey wolf. Many pet parents believe feeding dogs a diet similar to their wolf ancestors makes biological sense since there’s only a 0.2% difference in their mitochondrial DNA.

Because wolves primarily feed on large and smaller prey supplemented with vegetation, feeding dogs a variety of meats provides them with the type of nutrition their bodies were designed to eat.

Wild cats instinctually feed on a variety of prey as well. Being true carnivores like their ancestors, our domestic cats also require the nutrients found in a meat-rich, high-protein diet.

The Benefits of Multiple Proteins

High-protein diets with multiple meats supply the amino acids necessary for lean muscle growth to support energy. Add in organ meat and cartilage, and dogs and cats get the nutrients they need to support their joints and mobility.

What Should I Look For In a Prey-Based Diet?

If you’re considering a prey-based diet or an alternative to a raw cat or raw dog food diet, look for grain-free foods that mimic your pet’s natural diet in the wild. This can include raw and fresh meats, cartilage and organs.

Keep in mind, the vitamins and minerals in each organ, cartilage and meat source will vary in packaged pet food, which means the nutrient content isn’t guaranteed or consistent. Make sure you pick a diet that includes essential vitamins and minerals.

Can Prey-Based Diets Provide Complete Nutrition?

These diets can be used as the core nutrition for your pet or as a supplement to a raw dog or cat food diet. Diets that include essential, shelf-stable vitamins and minerals can help ensure your dog or cat enjoys complete and balanced nutrition.

Fortunately, there are pet food choices that can fit your lifestyle and feeding preferences while helping your dog or cat thrive.