BLUE Naturally Fresh® Natural Training Quick-Clumping Cat Litter For Kittens

Sometimes training our kittens to use the litter box can be a challenge. But with the powerful blend of natural herbs found in BLUE Naturally Fresh Kitten Training litter, you can teach your kitten to begin using the litter box quickly and easily. It’s a simple, safe and natural solution that can work wonders.

Available in 14-lb. bags.

Superior Odor Control

Made from a proprietary blend of the fibrous materials found in the walnut shell, BLUE Naturally Fresh Kitten training litter neutralizes litter box odors better than clay, pine and wheat.*

Harder Clumps for Easier Scooping*
Our super-absorbent formula produces harder clumps than pine, corn or wheat, making clean-up simple and mess-free.

Virtually NO Dust
We know kittens are playful by nature, and unlike clay litter that often throws off silica dust, BLUE Naturally Fresh is virtually dust-free so even a frolicking feline can breathe easy.

Low Tracking
BLUE Naturally Fresh doesn’t stick to your kitten’s paws so it’s not tracked throughout the house.

100% Natural and Eco-Friendly

All-natural and annually renewable.

100% natural and biodegradable, BLUE Naturally Fresh is made from walnut shells, an annually renewable non-food agricultural product.

NO chemicals, NO toxins, NO worries.

Made without any harmful ingredients, BLUE Naturally Fresh is safe for you and your kitten.


All of the walnut shells used to make BLUE Naturally Fresh are homegrown in the USA!

instructions for use

  1. Fill clean litter box to the recommended level of 3" of BLUE Naturally Fresh Natural Training Quick-Clumping Litter.
  2. BLUE Naturally Fresh Natural Training Quick-Clumping Litter forms an easily removable clump of waste when wet.  Remove with a scoop and discard according to your local regulations.
  3. Maintain by removing clumps and solid waste daily.  Add more litter, as needed, to maintain 3" depth.
  4. It is recommended that you clean and sanitize your litter box every 30 days to maintain a fresh and healthy litter box for your cat.

Based on a single-cat household, BLUE Naturally Fresh Quick-Clumping Litter should last at least 30 days between changes, or as needed, for odor control.

Transitioning your litter to blue naturally fresh

  1. Start by placing one to two inches of BLUE Naturally Fresh Natural Training Quick-Clumping Litter in a clean cat litter box.
  2. Top dress with enough of your current cat litter to cover BLUE Naturally Fresh Natural Training Quick-Clumping Litter.
  3. Each time you change the litter, reduce the amount of your current litter.
  4. It typically takes one or two changes for most cats to be comfortable with a new litter.  Repeat reducing the amount of your current litter if needed.

Note: Wash hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter.  Cat feces sometimes carry parasites that can cause toxoplasmosis.  Pregnant women and people with suppressed immmune systems should avoid contact with used cat litter.

BLUE Healthy Home symbol

The BLUE Healthy Home
symbol is your assurance that
this product is all-natural, toxin-
free and of the highest quality.


100% Annually Renewable



100% Biodegradable

†BLUE Naturally Fresh litter is
biodegradable if composted or
disposed of in a similar fashion.
Landfill disposal of litter in plastic
bags is not conducive to biodegradation.


All of our walnuts used to make
BLUE Naturally Fresh are
homegrown in the USA

* In separate independent studies commissioned by Blue Buffalo, BLUE Naturally Fresh Quick-Clumping, Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping, Scented Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping, Herbal Attraction Quick-Clumping, Ultra Odor Control Multi-Cat and Kitten Training litters were found to: (i) have a liquid absorption capacity at least three times greater per ounce than the leading clay-based litter; (ii) control ammonia odors better than the leading clumping litters; and (iii) form harder clumps than the leading pine, corn and wheat clumping cat litters.
**In an independent study commissioned by Blue Buffalo, BLUE Naturally Fresh Non-Clumping Pellet litter was found to: (i) control ammonia odors better than the leading non-clumping litters.