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Remember Me Thursday

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Remember Me Thursday

Blue Buffalo has partnered with the Helen Woodward Animal Center for the past several years to help spread the word about thousands of dogs and cats who need loving homes.

Each year on the 4th Thursday of September, animal advocates unite across the globe in a candle lighting ceremony to raise awareness of homeless and orphan pets.

In remembrance of the millions of animals who have lost their lives without having known what it means to have a loving home, we light a candle to shine a light on the pets that still have a second chance.

With the ultimate goal of promoting adoption and reducing the number of euthanized pets, Blue Buffalo is proud to partner with the Helen Woodward Animal Center to help celebrate the Remember Me Thursday movement.

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Share Your Story of Hope

Inspire more adoptions with your rescue story. Post your pet’s photo and tale using
#RememberMeThursday and #RememberTheRescue