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Broc Schmelyun Stays On With Blue Buffalo / Slater Skins / Yamaha Team for 2016

#548 Broc Schmelyun will again race the 450 Premiere Class in 2016 for the Blue Buffalo / Slater Skins / Yamaha Team. He will be racing select East Coast 450 AMA Supercross rounds with most of his efforts being on bike and product testing for his focus on the AMA 450 Pro Motocross Series, starting in May. We all remember Schmelyun’s insane get-off over the big triple at High Point Raceway (Mount Morris, PA) during this year’s 450 Pro Motocross Series. The video became one of the most virally shared in all of 2015. Broc underwent surgery for a broken femur, broken fibula and torn ligaments in his ankle. At that time he was on his way to his 6th top 20 moto finish in as many races. Schmelyun has already been back to riding and training for the last 3 months and will have his sights most focused on getting inside the top 15 in the 450 Outdoor Series.

“Broc Schmelyun has shown us that he is a strong 450 rider and someone we can count on to give a 110% on the track. He’s the perfect fit for this team and we are glad to have him back. We (BLUE Buffalo) know we haven’t seen the best of Schmelyun and that 2016 could be that time.” - Dave Petrie (Vice President,  BLUE Buffalo Company, Ltd.)

“Broc has proven to have as much heart for this sport as any of the greatest riders I’ve ever seen. He’s going to surprise a lot of people in 2016. Keep an eye on the #548.” - John Slater (Team Owner - BLUE Buffalo / Slater Skins / Yamaha Team)

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