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To All Pet Parents

July 25, 2014

To the Editor of Businessweek:
I read your article (“Purina Takes Blue Buffalo to Court”) mischaracterizing me personally and our company with great disappointment. My quotes were taken completely out of context, so I feel compelled to set the record straight. My sons and I started our company in the memory of our boy Blue, whom we lost to cancer. From the beginning, our mission has been about bringing transparency to the pet food industry, where for decades smoke and mirrors have been fueling the profits of the mega corporations. With my background in advertising and marketing, I knew that if we made the pet foods that pet parents were actually looking for, we could get the word out and make a difference. Our message is very simple: read the ingredients and decide for yourself. We believe pet parents have the right to choose real chicken over corn gluten meal. Just like the choices they’re making for the rest of the family.
If you’re looking for smoke and mirrors, take a look at Nestle Purina’s Beneful that features pictures of great ingredients on the front of its packaging and in its advertising. Yet these ingredients are way down on their ingredient list, which is why they are so determined to silence our advertising. But we will not back down from what we believe in. I also find it shocking that, as a simple Google search reveals, all the experts your journalist cites are affiliated with Nestle Purina and that he did not push the company to disclose their so-called “scientific” test results they’re basing their lawsuit on. I trust the readers of your magazine will draw their own conclusions about why Nestle Purina has been so secretive about their test, who conducted it and what the methodology was. The truth will come out eventually.



Bill Bishop
Founder and Chairman
Blue Buffalo