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The Ultimate Prairie Dog How to enjoy America’s flatlands with your pal

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lone bison in a prairie


Under the vast blue of big sky Montana, one of the largest, most ambitious conservation projects is underway.

The American Prairie Reserve’s mission: Restore at least three million acres of the Great Plains to its pristine state of 150 years ago, so that sportsmen, ranchers, wildlife conservation groups, and even dogs with pet parents can celebrate this remarkable, storied land that played such a big part in America’s heritage.

An experience not to be missed, plan on bringing your best pal so you can enjoy the truly “great” plains together. Here are some things to consider when planning this adventure.

Things to do

  • Buffalo Camp: Enjoy traveling by RV or want to get out and do some car camping? We love all things buffalo but Buffalo Camp is truly the perfect place to set up base. From here you can hike, bike and explore some of the finest examples of Montana prairie.
  • Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument: Got a dog who loves making a big splash? The Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument has abundant wildlife, breathtaking scenery and great fishing. Plus you can canoe down the river with your best pal.
  • Montana Dinosaur Trail: Like traveling back in time? The Montana Great Plains are rich in fossils, and the Montana Dinosaur Trail is an easy way to tour the many sites, parks and museums where dinosaur skeletons are on display.

Gear up

Planning on hiking the plains? Ensure your gear is functioning properly and consider suiting up your pal as well.


  • Doggy backpacks are more than just fashionable accessories. Dole out some of the food and supplies to ease your burden and let your pal carry his own treats and supplies.  
  • A hands-free leash and strong harness are great when you want to keep your furry companion close, but have your hands free for a more relaxing stroll.
  • Remember to tag your dog with all the appropriate ID and medical tags.
  • Tick repellent is a must.
  • Some of your dog’s favorite food or treats; if it’s a longer hike, pack a handy, collapsible travel bowl to put bottled water in.
  • Bags to remove waste.

woman and dog

Leave small paw prints, please

If you visit the reserve, leave little to no indication you came. Take photos and leave only small foot and paw prints behind.

As always, scoop up your four-legged companion’s poop and properly dispose it. Be sure to keep control of your dog. Canines can run free in some areas but prairie dog colonies aren’t one of them. Keep your leash handy and familiarize yourself with the requirements before you explore the reserve.

Whatever you decide to do, the flatlands are an immense, wonderful region for you and your dog to experience just how great the Western plains really are.

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