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See how the ingredients in BLUE Stix compare to the ones in Pup-Peroni.®

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BLUE Stix vs. Pup-Peroni

Prefer feeding real meat or meat by-products?

Compare BLUE Stix pepperoni-style treats to others, like Pup-Peroni,and what do you see?

First of all, BLUE Stix always start with real meat as the first ingredient, which means there’s more of that ingredient than any other.

Notice Pup-Peroni treats contain meat by-products. You won’t find those in BLUE Stix. There are also artificial flavors and preservatives in Pup-Peroni treats — again, never in Stix. Neither are corn, wheat or soy — ingredients some pet parents prefer to avoid. 

So when it’s time to reward good behavior and inspire your pal to perform his best tricks, reach for natural, tasty Stix.

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