The Golden Egg

After hatching a plan for the largest sustainable chicken farm, Floyd bungee-jumped off the highest silo, landing all fours on a prized chicken coop where he discovered his first 24k gold egg.

Floyd’s farm cultivated the idea for Kitty Cravings chicken treats.

Tuna’s Up!

Floyd hooked a huge kahuna tuna while hanging 18 on a surfboard rigged with magic lures. Floydeye lures became a profitable side business and we got the recipe rights for Kitty Cravings tuna treats.

Chuting for Salmon

Skydiving into a raging Alaskan river, Floyd snatched this king salmon from a 1,600-lb. grizzly bear’s jaws, inspiring Kitty Cravings salmon treats.

Prince of Prawns

Craving crustacea, Floyd unearthed the largest shrimp from deep waters off Australia. Too big for the “barbi,” he enshrined it under glass instead.

The king-size taste lives on in Kitty Cravings shrimp treats.


Welcome to Floyd’s Cat Cave

Blue’s best bud Floyd, dissatisfied with the ho-hum options of everyday treats, embarked on global adventures to inspire the most irresistibly delicious and crunchy Kitty Cravings® treats, earning him the title of World’s Most Fascinating Feline.  


A day in the nine lives of Floyd.

Click on Floyd's trophies and curiosities to get a taste of the fascinating adventures that led to Kitty Cravings cat treats.

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