Help us match more service dogs to heroes like Justin.


Blue Buffalo is proud to support Service Dogs for Heroes

Service Dogs for Heroes is an organization that helps fund awareness and training for canines who provide life-changing services to brave veterans who have given our country so much.
  • Re-establishing productive lives

    Highly trained service dogs can help veterans thrive by providing companionship and physical assistance so they can re-establish productive lives. The challenge is providing enough service dogs to support all the veterans in need.

  • The need for dogs

    One million Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans have sustained traumatic wounds limiting their daily activities and quality of life.*

  • Veterans are looking for help with PTSD

    More than 350,000 veterans have contacted the Veterans Administration for help with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).**

  • Providing relief

    Service dogs provide relief by helping with balance and mobility issues from loss of limbs and sight and hearing impairment.

  • Identifying emotional cues and triggers

    Service dogs are trained to recognize emotional cues and triggers for veterans with PTSD.

  • Training dogs takes time and money

    The cost to train one service dog for duty can be more than $30,000 and take up to two years.

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Service Dogs Quote


1st Battalion 12th Marines Echo Battery, Purple Heart Recipient, lost both of his legs during his second tour in Afghanistan. Four years later Justin was assigned a loving and loyal service dog named Gnome. Without him, Justin "wouldn't be as happy and active as I am."

Healing the Wounds

Service Dogs for Heroes is dedicated to improving the physical and emotional wellness of our nation’s veterans. Through generous donations, Service Dogs for Heroes can:

  • Educate and promote the benefits of service dogs for veterans in need
  • Help connect veterans to organizations that provide professionally trained service dogs
  • Help fund qualified service-dog training through dedicated partner-providers
  • Help fund cutting-edge programs that assist service dogs and veterans throughout their lives together

Help us match more service dogs to heroes like Justin.

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