Thanksgiving Day Feasts for All!

Check out our food and treats packed with delicious, real turkey!

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Taste Bud Road Trip
for Your Best Buds!

Make mealtime a tasty new adventure for your dog.
BLUE Regional Recipes, inspired by four local American cuisines,
start with real meat in both dry and wet formulas.

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Limited in Ingredients,
Not Taste!

Our tasty, limited-ingredient diet made from a
single animal protein source is ideal
for pets with food sensitivities.

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What’s Inside Those Treats?

Your dog may love treats, but are they the best?
Compare the ingredients in Milk-Bone® to wholesome
BLUE Health Bars to see which you’ll love feeding him.

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Blue Buffalo®

Dog Food

Check out all of our natural and healthy BLUE dog foods and treats

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Check out all of our natural and healthy BLUE cat foods and treats

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Pet Cancer Awareness

Learn how BLUE is helping to find a pet cancer cure—and how you can help

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The BLUE Story

It's all about family. See how our dog inspired a pet food company.


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Call of the Really Wild

It doesn’t get more flavorful than this —
unique, protein-rich dry, wet and treat
recipes packed with exotic meats!

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See What’s Inside

Not all breeds, or dog foods, are created equal.
Compare the ingredients in BLUE Divine Delights®
to the ones in CESAR® Classics.

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More Variety,
Just Like in the Wild

BLUE Wilderness® Trail Trays Wolf Pack
satisfies your dog’s love for more than one
protein-rich meat in a handy 12-count pack.

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Take the True BLUE Test and see how the ingredients in your dog or cat food brand compare to the ones in BLUE.

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Life Protection Formula

Made with only the finest natural ingredients

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A grain-free food made with the finest natural ingredients

Dog Food Cat Food


A simple limited-ingredient diet for dogs or cats with food sensitivities

Dog Food Cat Food


Made with more of the meat dogs and cats love

Dog Food Cat Food

Earth’s Essentials

Farm-to-table inspired
canine cuisine

Dog Food

Naturally Fresh

Made with walnut shells for superior odor control & absorbency

Cat Litter

Join Blue's Buddies

Join BLUE's Buddies and celebrate the special relationship you have with your furry family member. Create unique Trading Cards, participate in special events, and become one of the family!

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