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Adopting a Cat from a Shelter

Whether you want to do your own thing, snuggle up after a long day or play with a feathery toy, a cat will always be up for it, too.

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These easy-going felines tend to be lower maintenance than dogs, and they offer a great way to introduce kids to the responsibilities of caring for a pet.

Whether you have had a kitty in your home before or this will be your first time with a cat, consider adopting your newest family from a shelter rather than purchasing one from a pet store.

With their tiny paws, soft rhythmic purring and rough little tongues, cats make great companions. From tabbies to Maine Coons, there are a variety of breeds and personalities to choose from.

According to the ASPCA, 3.4 million cats enter the shelter system every year. With overpopulation as a serious issue, adopting a pet can help to ease the shelter system and give a well-deserving cat a loving forever home. Many cats that wind up in shelters were once pets, after all, meaning they are in good health, good spirits and just in need of a good home.

If you aren't 100 percent convinced that adopting from a shelter is for

you, consider these 7 reasons:

  1. Shelter cats already have their immunizations and many are also spayed or neutered - When a shelter takes in a new cat, it will ensure that he is properly immunized to help protect other animals in the shelter. And because shelters are all too familiar with the over-population issue, they often spay and neuter their animals.
  2. The shelter staff can help you pick out the best fit for you - After working with the pets for some time and possibly testing their behavior, the shelter workers will be able to tell what type of home would be best for each cat. Some cats will require special attention while others will be great for first-time families. Don't by shy with your questions!
  3. You'll save money - Adopting a pet is much more affordable than purchasing one from a pet store or breeder. The upfront cost is lower and, as stated before, many already have their vaccinations and vet care taken care of. That just means you will have more money to spoil your new furry love with later on.
  4. Many are already litter-box trained - Cats that come from previous owners will likely be already house-trained, and many shelters work on this essential behavior. Less to worry about for you!
  5. They're independent - Cats make great companions for those who don't want a high-maintenance pet. Cats clean themselves, eat when they're hungry and don't need to be let out to go to the bathroom. In return, they ask only for a little love every now and then.
  6. Pets can boost your mood and overall health - Have you ever heard the saying "who rescued who?" Adopting a pet can bring a little bit of cheer to every day, help lower stress and lower blood pressure, too.
  7. You can feel good about your decision! - Adopting from a shelter helps support a great cause. Not only are you supporting the organizations that help boost animal welfare, you are helping save a life of a well-deserving cat who will be forever grateful.

What will be your number-one reason to adopt a shelter cat?