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Celebrate Your Cat’s Birthday or Gotcha Day!

Organize the most fabulous fête for your feline with these low-effort, high-impact tips.    

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image of a cat weating a birthday hat

When you brought your cat home, it significantly changed both of your lives for the better. With the tips below, you can easily make the day a blast for you, your family, and — most important — your cat.

Strike a pose. Send an invite.
We know pet photos make up half of your camera roll. Use those shots to make an invite that prominently features your pet. Send it out to your close friends to invite them over to your place (physically or virtually). You can even set up an Instagram Live session for those who can’t make it!

Dress to impress.
Get your best friend party-ready with a fun new collar that marks the occasion. Collars with bells or charms have the added benefit of helping you keep track of your feline’s whereabouts throughout the day.

Get the vibe right with décor.
As Pet Parents, it’s nearly impossible to open our social media feeds without finding fun cat-themed party materials, like napkins, streamers, and even cat ears for guests! Balloon popping might scare some cats, so if you love decorating with them, keep them at a height out of claw’s reach.

Don’t forget the cake!
Plenty of small, local pet stores sell small-batch baked goods for pets that are perfect for the occasion. If they’re not available, give your pet the best (cake-shaped) version of their favorite foods, like cooked chicken or turkey. This is a treat, so keep portions small and adjust other meals accordingly.

Pay it forward by giving back.
Instead of accepting gifts, have friends donate to your local ASPCA or another shelter in your region. If you adopted your cat from a shelter, it’s a thoughtful way to support the team that gave your kitty another chance to thrive. These donations help other kitties find their own loving, forever home.

Throwing your cat a birthday party or Gotcha Day party is all about celebrating the day you and your cat found each other. As long as it’s centered on highlighting that joy, a good time will be had by all party-goers — two-legged and four-legged!