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Dog Behaviours Decoded 

The reasons behind your furry sidekick’s quirks and habits.  

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image of dog taking a treat

Every Pet Parent knows their dog inside and out. The treats he loves. His favorite toys. Where he likes his ears scratched. But there are some canine behaviours that cause even the savviest dog parent to go, “What is thatabout?” To make things even more complicated, some of the ways a pup behaves can communicate more than one thing.  

Dogs are all about body language. If you learn to read the cues, you’ll learn a whole lot more about how your pal is feeling, and what he might be trying to tell you.   

That’s where this guide comes in. It’s full of fascinating insights on the most common doggy behaviours — the ones that make Pet Parents melt (the head tilt), laugh (the back roll), and beam with pride (the straight sit). It also covers behavior that isn’t so pleasing (eating weird stuff). Dive in and you’ll be decoding your pup’s behavior in no time!