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Ten Pet-Friendly Plants

If you long to create a lush, leafy indoor jungle but don’t want to mimic the man-eating Venus Flytrap from Little Shop of Horrors, fear not: There are plants that are safe for your dog and cat, though still not kosher for them to snack on. So go ahead, add some non-toxic green to your scene with the following flora.

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cat brushing itself on an indoor plant

1. Spider plant. Spindly and easy-to-grow, this plant likes low-light conditions so it’s perfect for nooks and crannies. Their resiliency comes in handy because felines often mistake them for a snack

2. Palms. There are many varieties of palms available and all of them are safe for furry family members. Many varieties, such as Areca, parlor and ponytail palms, are not only beautiful but can also help purify the air you and your dog or cat breathe.

3. Lemon button fern. With a plethora of small, button-like leaves, this plant flourishes in low light and loves water. It has a subtle lemon scent when actively growing, but is safe if your dog or cat sneaks a nibble.

4. African violet. Bright colors in nature are often signs of toxicity, but this vibrant purple flower is one of the safest, most pet-friendly flowers. With the right amount of warmth and water, they can bloom year round.

5. Prayer plant. Dramatic red ribs set in dark green leaves, make prayer plants stand out as one of the most stunning houseplants. They thrive best in medium light with a moderate amount of water and don’t mind some curious sniffing from your furry pals.

6. Peperomia. For the inner horticulturalist and protective pet parent who loves hanging plants and long, leafy limbs cascading over a pot, the peperomia is a safe and beautiful choice.

7. Burro’s tail succulents. Succulents, those bulbous, low-maintenance plants, have never been more popular, adding a Dr. Seuss-like look to your home. However, not all succulents are safe for dogs and cats, so proceed with caution. The Burro’s tail is safe, and as many cat parents have found, often becomes their feline’s favorite toy.

8. Baby rubber plant. This fun, bubbly-textured plant is a perfect addition to a bookshelf, mantle or desk. They resemble succulents and, like succulents, you need to be careful not to overwater them. Beyond that, they pretty much grow and take care of themselves.

9. Cast iron plant. If you have a furry companion who’s ruthless with plants, and you’re tired of cleaning up shredded leaves and broken stems, try something a little hardier. The cast iron plant lives up to its name: It’s tough, resilient and can somewhat stand up to the most gnawing jaws.

10. Bromeliads. Looking for a wow factor in your plants? You’ll love these colorful, wonderfully textured, flowering plants that are pet-safe! A popular household plant, bromeliads flower throughout the year and come in a variety of colors, ideal for plant collectors.

As a concerned pet parent, you need to take precautions with everything your dog or cat comes in contact with, but it’s good to know you aren’t limited when it comes to creating a colorful, green and pet-safe home.

Be sure to check out the plants that aren’t safe for your furry loved ones.