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Tricks and Treats! How to Throw the Perfect Halloween Party for Your Pet 

7 tips for throwing a howling-ly good shindig for your furry pal.

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image of dog in halloween ghost costume

Between the adorable costumes and going all out on décor, Halloween is the perfect time for a party with your pet’s favorite pals. Here’s what to do to put together a celebration that will be fun (and safe) for both two- and four-legged partygoers!

1. Pick a pet-friendly space to party.

Once you know how many guests will be attending your Halloween soiree, choose a spot that will let everyone hang out comfortably. If you’re indoors, make sure the space is large enough to let your human and furry guests spread out and mingle (or hide, if they need a break). An outdoor party should be held in a space that will let your pals run around safely and securely.

 2. Do up the decorations (but keep your pals in mind).

Halloween is all about the ghastly and ghoulish décor! Have fun putting up lights, pumpkins, skeletons, and other spooky staples. Just be sure to keep anything that could be a hazard to pets out of reach, like extension cords, candles, and decorative gourds (which might look like a snack). You also might want to skip the tablecloths, as dogs and cats may try to tug on them for fun.

3. Plan on yummy treats and pass on the candy. 

We know, what would Halloween be without candy? But since many types of candy aren’t good for your pets (especially chocolate and the commonly used sweetener xylitol, both of which are highly toxic to dogs and cats), plan for other treats that are human- and pet-safe. You can visit a pet-friendly bakery for some festive Halloween-themed nibbles or try a DIY recipe at home.

4. It’s all about the fun and games.

A good pet party needs some fun activities. Keep them pet-centric: Set up an obstacle course for your canine or feline friends, have your buddies show off all their best tricks, or give out fun toys as favors that your furry pals can play with during party time.

5. Suit up: Find the perfect Halloween costume.

Let’s be honest, dressing our buddies up in cute costumes is a big perk to being a Pet Parent. Our pals are at peak adorability when they’re all dressed up! Encourage your guests (both furry and human) to come in costume to your Halloween bash. Before you pick your pet’s costume, keep these rules of thumb in mind:

  • Make sure your pal has free range of movement in the costume.
  • Pick a costume that doesn’t block your pet’s eyes or ears — this can cause stress.
  • If your best bud really doesn’t like wearing a costume, don’t force it. Try a cute headband or bandana instead, which might be more tolerable.

6. Share the Halloween cuteness with a social media costume contest. 

Who doesn’t love to see a cute photo of a dressed-up pup or kitty on their timeline? Have a friendly costume contest with your furry friends and share the results. People will appreciate some extra Halloween-themed cuteness in their feeds!

7. And for the finale, let your pals strut their stuff in a parade.

If the weather is good, have your pals show off for the neighborhood in their Halloween finest. Not only will this help your pals burn off some energy, it’s also a great way to wrap up your spooktacular holiday shindig!