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December Winners!

Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Wrennie Roo
  • Breed: Flat-Coated Retriever
  • Hometown: Hickory, NC
  • Birthday: 10-12-2018
  • Favorite Toy: Tennis Ball
  • Favorite Activity: Going Hiking
  • Least Favorite Thing: Getting my nails trimmed
  • Rules I Like to Break: Barking at people, dogs, squirrels, ground hogs and the UPS truck
  • Craziest Thing I've Done: Swim in a waterfall
  • Perfect Day: Going to the mountains for a long hike, swimming and having a picnic with lots of jerky
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Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Peanut
  • Breed: American Shorthair
  • Hometown: Hull, IA
  • Birthday: 08-28-2019
  • Favorite Thing to Chew: Fingers!
  • Favorite Place to Sleep: On Mommy or Daddy
  • Thing I'm Afraid Of: The Vacuum
  • First Trick: Jumping over pet gate
  • Favorite Toy: Springs
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November Winners!

Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Squishy
  • Breed: Pitbull
  • Hometown: Melbourne, FL
  • Birthday: 04-20-2019
  • Favorite Toy: Kong Bone
  • Favorite Activity: Running at the park
  • Least Favorite Thing: Rain
  • Rules I Like to Break: Pooping in the house
  • Craziest Thing I've Done: Dressed as a wookie
  • Perfect Day: Playing at the park, rolling in tall grass, having a bath and having a little peanut butter snack
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Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Bee-Bee
  • Breed: European Burmese
  • Hometown: Hermon, ME
  • Birthday: 08-22-2017
  • Favorite Thing to Chew: LOTS of food!
  • Favorite Place to Sleep: With my pal, Salem
  • Thing I'm Afraid Of: Nothing! I am brave!
  • First Trick: Fetch!
  • Favorite Toy: A hand-knit fish.
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October Winners!

Blue's Buddies

Max Jones

  • Nickname: Max
  • Breed: Australian Terrier
  • Hometown: Huntsville, AL
  • Birthday: 10-12-2013
  • Favorite Toy: Rope toy
  • Favorite Activity: Protecting Mommy
  • Least Favorite Thing: Saying See-ya later to my humans
  • Rules I Like to Break: Eating Human food
  • Craziest Thing I've Done: Stole Daddy’s food from him
  • Perfect Day: Going for a ride, walks with Mommy, & snuggles with her
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Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Jenks
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Hometown: McAlester, OK
  • Birthday: 08-15-2019
  • Favorite Thing to Chew: Dad's Shoes
  • Favorite Place to Sleep: Between mom and dad at night
  • Thing I'm Afraid Of: Nothing, I am quite fearless
  • First Trick: I am still learning
  • Favorite Toy: My stuffed mice
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September Winners!

Blue's Buddies

Lily Beans

  • Nickname: Beans
  • Breed: Mutt
  • Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
  • Birthday: 01-25-2017
  • Favorite Toy: My little stuffed fox
  • Favorite Activity: Going on walks with my parents
  • Least Favorite Thing: Walking in wet grass
  • Rules I Like to Break: I like to try and steal food off plates
  • Craziest Thing I've Done: Steal treats from my dog brother
  • Perfect Day: Getting tummy rubs all day
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Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Nas
  • Breed: American Shorthair
  • Hometown: Indianapolis , IN
  • Birthday: 05-12-2017
  • Favorite Toy: Hair ties
  • Favorite Activity: Tackling my sister
  • Least Favorite Thing: Getting my nails clipped
  • Rules I Like to Break: I’m perfect
  • Craziest Thing I've Done: Tried to climb a wall
  • Perfect Day: Eating all my wet food and my sister’s, and still getting treats
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