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BLUE™ Dog Treats

Give your dog treats that are as healthy as they are delicious from Blue Buffalo.

BLUE has dog treats for training, rewarding, busying, or simply spoiling your pup — and they come in a wide variety of tasty recipes and tantalizing textures. And just like our foods, BLUE treats are made with healthy ingredients you can feel great about giving your best friend.

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Tasty Natural Dog Treats

Treating BLUE Feels Good for Both of You

The moment you give your dog a treat is a special one, and BLUE makes it even better. Because when you give your dog the delicious satisfaction of a BLUE treat, you know you’re feeding healthy, natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals. Try a variety of tastes and textures — from classic, crunchy Bones to soft, meaty training Bits — to find your dog’s new favourite.

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    Soft-Moist Training Treats

    BLUE Bits™

    Does your pup need some positive reinforcement? Tasty and healthy, these tender morsels are made with real meat first and perfectly sized for training dogs of all ages — or simply doling out some bite-sized affection.

  • bag of blue health bars dog treats

    Oven-Baked Biscuits

    BLUE Health Bars™

    Who wants a cookie? These classic biscuits come in fun recipes like Bacon, Egg & Cheese and pack wholesome oats, barley, and vegetables into an irresistibly delicious crunch.

  • bag of blue sizzlers dog treats

    Meaty, Bacon-Style Treats

    BLUE Sizzlers™

    When we say bacon, we’re not fakin’ — these bacon-style treats contain real pork as the first ingredient! With a drool-worthy aroma and soft-meaty texture, they’re the perfect way to make your best friend’s day.

  • bag of blue stix dog treats

    Savory, Pepperoni-Style Treats

    BLUE Stix™

    Any dog will go fetch for these stick-shaped treats, made with real chicken, pork, beef, or lamb as the first ingredient. Moist, meaty, and flavourful, they’re a healthy way to make your dog’s pepperoni dreams come true.

  • bag of blue dental bones dog treats

    Healthy Dental Chews

    BLUE Dental Bones™

    The tastiest way to clean those canines, these daily dental chews help clean teeth and freshen breath. They’re made with healthy ingredients you can feel good about feeding, and they come in a variety of sizes to help any dog achieve optimal oral health.

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I’ve always trusted Blue Buffalo with my dog. The ingredients are safe and my dog loves them! He could eat the entire bag in one night if I let him...

margslucia on BLUE™ Health Bars Baked with Bacon, Egg and Cheese