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Pet-Friendly Date Ideas

Whether you're paired off or flying solo, these pet-friendly dates will be fun for all

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image of couple at beach with dog

Everyone has their own ideas of what a perfect date means. But for many Pet Parents, the perfect date is simply one that also includes their fur baby. Luckily, there are many activities that are fun for people and pets alike, wherever you live and whatever the season. Here are some ideas to jump-start the planning.

Happy Trails

Take your dog on a hike in the hills for fresh air, open space, a good workout, and one-on-one (or one-on-two) bonding time — all things that pups love. While spontaneity is the special sauce for some dates, in this case, careful planning makes all the difference. For starters, find a dog-friendly trail, keep your pal leashed, understand trail etiquette, and pack sufficient water.

A Virtual Feast

Including a homebody cat on date night usually means a night in. To amplify the occasion, literally share a meal together. Prepare food that you and your furry beloved can appreciate. Fish can be a good option, but hold the seasoning on your cat’s portion. Whatever you whip up, it’s vital to ensure that the meal is safe for your cat by choosing a vet-approved recipe. You can also consult your veterinarian for more ideas. After dinner, it’s movie time. If you want to charm your cat, put on a nature documentary about birds, rodents or fish — some of their favorite prey. Alternatively, a film like Finding Nemo could also be a hit.

Ales & Tails

Dog-friendly breweries and bars continue to grow in popularity. While you kick back with an adult beverage, your fur baby can meet other pups for some impromptu playtime. Chances are also high that they’ll run into dog-loving strangers and get lots of extra love — and maybe even some bonus treats. This date is a winner all around.

Hit the Right Note

For a casual date experience that your cat might also enjoy, put on classical music while you sip wine. Cats tend to find these symphonic soundscapes relaxing and might be enticed to stick around. Meowzart, anyone?

Waves of Joy

For many dogs, a beach excursion is a real treat — there are new sights, sounds, and smells to explore around every bend. Many beaches are dog-friendly, but check the rules in advance so you can plan the right activities. Some key items to bring for your pup are a shade canopy, lots of drinking water (seawater is a no-no), a life vest with a handle, and floating toys. Doggiesunscreen and booties are good ideas, too.

A Wild Adventure

While not all cats will be comfortable with camping, it can be a rewarding experience for the adventurous ones. Be sure that they’re leash-trained first, and don’t venture too far into the back country. It’s also a good idea to bring familiar items like a litter box and a favorite blanket to help your pal feel comfortable in this stimulating new environment. Tip: Try camping with your cat in the backyard before attempting the real deal.

Now it’s your turn. Try some of these dates or use this list as inspiration to create fun activities that are tailored precisely to your buddy’s likes. Because let’s be real — our pets are the ones we’re really trying to impress!