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Pet Cancer Awareness


As proud pet owners and responsible members of the pet food industry, our lives revolve around the health of our pets. That’s why we at Blue Buffalo are incredibly concerned about the detrimental effects of pet cancer.

Many pet parents are unaware that pet cancer is the #1 disease-related killer of our pets, and as much as 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will die from cancer. While these numbers may seem daunting there are measures we can take to protect our pets.

In 2003 we created the Pet Cancer Awareness Program as part of our ongoing mission to raise awareness about pet cancer and money to help support various universities and clinics conducting research on the causes of, prevention and treatment of dogs and cats with the disease.

One crucial element to our mission is educating pet parents about the warning signs of pet cancer and ways they can minimize the risk. We developed a web site at that is dedicated to providing this kind of information and much more—everything from cancer facts to valuable resources to heartwarming stories about pets with cancer and more.