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10 Life Lessons Pet Parents Can Learn
from Our Dogs and Cats

We take advice from friends, family and TV personalities; why not tune into the wisdom of our pets? All of that pawing, nudging and staring must be trying to tell us something…

When dogs have a job to do, they give it their undivided attention. This tunnel vision helps them focus and get the job done quickly. So put down that cellphone when you’re driving and focus on the job at hand.

Pets catch extra Z's whenever they can. They may require more sleep than us, but we should listen to our bodies more and rest when we need it. Sleep is essential for good health, even if it means carving out time just for a catnap.

Your dog or cat doesn’t seem concerned about the silly thing they did yesterday. Pets are masters of "living in the moment," which makes them able to live fully in the present. Research has shown that people are happier when they’re able to be in the moment.

Cats and dogs fight from time to time, but hours later the same duo is playing tug-of-war like nothing happened. Life's way too short to stay angry.

We all know about cats and curiosity, but being curious is vital to staying young and sharp. A natural sense of wonder will help you continue learning wherever you go.

Dogs (and cats) instinctively know how to stretch out and relax. Where do you think the yoga position “Downward-Facing Dog” came from? Carve out time in your busy life to pause and breathe deeply.

Playing games and taking walks or runs keeps healthy pets happy. Get active! Exercise can help you shape up mentally and physically. 

On a hot day, dogs know exactly where to seek shade. Avoiding the sun will help your skin stay youthful and protect you from harmful rays.

Pets watch each other’s ears, tails and facial expressions (especially teeth-baring) closely. Humans have become good at saying one thing and meaning another. When you learn to read body language, you can pick up important cues that help make communication more effective.

Dogs and cats don’t care if they look ridiculous when they’re having a good time — and you shouldn’t either. Let out a big laugh and never act your age!