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Keep Your Kitty Warm in Winter

Cats constantly seek warmth, so the winter months can be difficult for them. With so little natural warmth around, finding a comfortable spot to rest can be quite the task for your picky kitty.

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Holiday Tips - To Keep Kitty Warm in Winter

When the temperature starts to drop and you prepare for any upcoming snow, be sure you’re there to help your fuzzy little kitten get ready for the weather as well – despite how independent she may seem right from day one.

While many cats like to wander around outdoors, during the winter months it’s best for your cat to spend most of her time indoors – especially if she’s just a kitten. Like humans, cats can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite.

No matter how much felines may enjoy the great outdoors, the warm safety inside your home is the best option. That isn't to say, you shouldn’t make your kitty comfortable as the snow begins to fall.


Keeping up with grooming will help your cat maintain her silky coat. Matting can expose skin, leaving areas vulnerable to the elements, so be sure to intermittently give your cat a good brushing so she can shed out her summer coat as her winter fur grows in.

Offer extra warmth

Cats need a warm place to sleep at night. Make sure her bed is away from any drafty windows or doors. The bed can be elevated off the cold floor, and if you invested in a heated cat bed, your kitty would probably be forever grateful.

If you have an outdoor kitty who sleeps in a warm garage or barn at night, use straw for bedding rather than newspaper or towels; these items can get stiff and cold. You should also build an insulated cat house to retain heat as she sleeps.

Safety first

Speaking of the garage, there are a couple of safety warnings there, too.

Also, always check the engine block of your car or give the hood a tap before starting your car – even if you park on the street.

Cats will look for a heat source , especially if they’ve been outdoors in the cold. A warm engine block will feel very inviting, so bang loudly on the car’s hood to give your cat the chance to run off before you start the engine.

Also, be sure there’s no antifreeze on the garage floor or within easy reach inside or outside of the garage: Antifreeze is extremely toxic to all pets.

Cats tend to be independent and don’t ask their families for much, but if you give your kitty a warm place to sleep and a reprieve from the cold, you’ll most likely be rewarded with plenty of warm nuzzles and kisses in return.