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Meet BLUE Tastefuls Purées

A delicious addition to the Tastefuls family

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Tasteful cat Purées three package hero image

BLUE Tastefuls is made with wholesome ingredients and the real meat that cats crave. From delectable wet food Singles and cans to delicious dry food, this lineup is formulated to be both nutritious and enticing. Now, we’re proud to introduce the latest innovation in this family of recipes.

Blue cat tastefuls packages

Ready to add some excitement to your cat's mealtime routine? Tastefuls Purées are delectable complements that can be fed to your cat in multiple ways. Whether you want to serve as a tasty meal topper for wet or dry food, provide a satisfying snack between meals, or offer a fun new treat by squeezing it right from the pouch, Tastefuls Purées offers a range of choices to delight your cat.

Conveniently packaged in twist-open pouches, they’re made with just five simple ingredients and come in three delicious, meaty flavors:

Tasteful cat Purées chicken, salmon and tuna packs

Get them in convenient multipacks or mix it up with a variety pack.

This new feeding experience is for cats in all stages of life and is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Easy to portion and perfect for a variety of needs, it can help entice picky eaters, create great bonding moments, or serve as a yummy snack between entrées. Plus, once you’re done serving, you can reseal it with the easy-twist cap and refrigerate for up to five days. Leftovers on demand? Yes, please!

Tastefuls Purées are hitting shelves now, so look for them in stores and at online retailers soon.