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Five Tips for Taking Your Dog to Work

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dog being admired by coworkers as it sits atop its owner's desk

Not everyone gets to bring a furry family member to work every day like the lucky employees at Blue Buffalo. But some offices do allow dogs on the premises once in awhile.

No doubt your officemates have seen your dog’s adorable screen-saver mug and heard all about him or her, so why not let them meet your best pal in person?

Whether it’s every day or once a year, here are a few tips to ensure your doggy’s workday goes smoothly so that everyone has a great time and no one, least of all your pooch, ends up in the doghouse. 

Most of all, enjoy celebrating with your best pal!

People-friendly pups

This is pretty obvious, but be sure your dog is sociable with strangers. The last thing you want is to bring a frightened, shy animal into a hectic work environment.

Canine-friendly co-workers

If your dog likes people, great! Now find out if your colleagues feel the same way about dogs. Not everyone is canine-comfortable and you might learn that some officemates have allergies. Identify which workers are allergic to dog dander or are afraid of canines, and keep your dog at a safe distance.

Tidy up your desk den

Before your job goes to the dogs, be sure to put away candy bars and stow potentially harmful objects like pens, markers and electrical cords. Empty your easily accessible garbage can because that’ll be the first place canines smell. Also, place plants well out of reach because some blooms are toxic to dogs. Take a look at the top 10 poisonous ones at the end of this article.

Proper work attire

Like you, your dog will make a good impression by wearing a fully groomed coat his first day of work. Co-workers certainly appreciate a clean-smelling, well-behaved pup.

Playdate, your cube

Not everyone is comfortable petting and playing with other people's pups. Even dog lovers and other pet parents might be busy and not welcome the intrusion. Instead, invite co-workers to your cube or office to meet and play with your dog at their will.

Brown-bag provisions

Be sure to pack a day’s worth of doggy supplies. Besides your dog’s favorite food and toys, remember his leash and poop disposal bags for when he takes his coffee break. Also, make sure to bring some cleaning supplies to take care of possible accidents.

Some companies only offer “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” once a year. If your office is one of them, use it as the chance to show off your four-legged pride and joy, and inject some furry fun into an otherwise ordinary workday.