Buddies Connect

Community Guidelines


What is Buddies Connect? 

Buddies Connect is a forum where Pet Parents can go to both share and seek advice from like-minded Pet Parents and Pet Buffs.

Our Mission 

The mission of Buddies Connect is to provide Pet Parents with a community to help them navigate every step of pet parenthood — big and small, functional and emotional — as they learn about, care for, and love their four-legged family members. 

The following House Rules are a set of guidelines that we will uphold to create a safe, welcoming environment for Pet Parents that is inclusive of anyone who believes pets are part of their family.


Our Principles 

Buddies Connect is of the people. It is for conversations with other Pet Parents, guidance, and support to help us all become the best Pet Parents we can be.

Buddies Connect is by the people. Topics and posts will be created by the community. Moderators will be available to monitor and assist Pet Parents as needed.

Buddies Connect is for the people. It is a safe place for Pet Parents — a place that is free of harm or disinformation. 


Be Safe 

Pet Parents must be 18 or older to use Buddies Connect. 

Please do not share or solicit any personally identifiable information about yourself or others, including addresses, financial information, or phone numbers.

Do not post anything that contains harmful content, viruses, software, or use any data-mining or similar data-gathering methods.


Be Respectful 

Respect the thoughts and opinions of others. 

Do not engage in harassing behavior of other Pet Parents or use hateful or abusive language in your conversations with others.

Please do not use profanity or post any sexual, derogatory, discriminatory, malicious, or misleading content.

Keep posts focused on our pets — this is not a forum for political or religious debate or for soliciting charitable contributions.


Be Authentic 

Please only post accurate and authentic information, and do not post misleading or false information.

Only post content that you have the appropriate permissions or rights to use, including only posting images or recordings of other people if you have that person’s permission.

Do not post any advertising or commercial activity and do not accept payment from a third party in exchange for performing commercial activity.

Do not use automated technology to interact on Buddies Connect. 


Be Informed 

Before posting, please make sure you understand and agree that we have the right to use content or ideas from your post elsewhere on our platforms. We can also choose to disallow or remove any posting at any time. 

Using the Buddies app and Buddies Connect means that you accept these House Rules. We can change the House Rules at any time, and changes are effective upon posting here.    

By using the Buddies app and Buddies Connect, you affirm that you have read and agree to all terms of the Privacy Policy, which includes our Terms of Use, and these House Rules.


Be Kind 

We should all strive to be as good and kind as our four-legged family members think we are. So, remember to act in a way that will make your pet proud when you’re participating in Buddies Connect!