BLUE Carnivora

Optimal Prey Nutrition for Cats

Inspired by America’s diverse terrain and the wildlife that roams there, grain-free
BLUE Carnivora was created to fulfill your cat's natural instinct to feed on a variety of prey.

That’s why Carnivora features multiple meats, including high-protein animal sources, nutrient-dense organs and joint-nourishing cartilage. Enhanced with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids, Carnivora helps ensure every meal your cat eats is complete and balanced.

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Kitten Food

Meat-centric recipes that include DHA to help support cognitive development


Adult Cat Food

High-protein recipes featuring multiple meat sources like cats would eat in nature

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Senior Cat Food

Optimal prey nutrition including ingredients to support senior cats

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What Is Prey-Based Feeding?

See what’s included (and not included) in meat-rich, prey-based diets.

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Carnivora Products

Dry Cat Food

90% protein from 11 animal sources, enhanced with
vitamins, minerals and amino acids

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Wet Cat Food

Tasty, high-protein, grain-free canned food
made without wheat

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