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If you're looking for the perfect reward for your furry friend, BLUE has the healthy dog treats guaranteed to have them howling for more. We use only the tastiest natural ingredients in our truly drool-worthy crunchy baked biscuits, meaty morsels, dental chews and more. They're the dog treats they love in healthy formulas you'll feel great about feeding.

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Crunchy Dog Treats

Delicious crunchy dog treats

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Soft-Moist Dog Treats

Chewy morsels with real meat

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Jerky Dog Treats

100% real meat jerky treats

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Dental Dog Treats

Chew treats to support healthy teeth & gums

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Training Dog Treats

Bite-sized morsels ideal for positive reinforcement

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Seasonal Treats

Fun, wholesome, delicious snacks available only for a limited time!

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BLUE Dental Bones
Are Better Than Ever!

With a new, longer-lasting formula,
these daily dental chews are even better at
cleaning teeth and freshening breath.

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More Varieties of Their
Favorite Bacon-Style Treats

BLUE Sizzlers® now come in an irresistible
cheddar flavor and a new jumbo-size bag.



What’s Inside Those Treats?

Your dog may love treats, but are they the best?
Compare the ingredients in Milk-Bone® to wholesome
BLUE Health Bars to see which you’ll love feeding him.

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