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Blue™ For Cats

Delicious, Meat-First Cat Food

We all want what’s best for our feline friends. That’s why each BLUE for Cats recipe features real meat as the first ingredient, plus whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Feed them like family with these wholesome recipes formulated for cats of any age.


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    • NO chicken (or poultry) by-product meals
    • NO artificial flavors or preservatives
    • NO corn, wheat or soy
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Dry Food

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Wet Food

Kitten: 0-12 monthsAdult: 1-8 yearsMature: 8+ years

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Wet Cat Food

BLUE Healthy Gourmet

With a variety of enticing textures and flavors, BLUE has your feline’s new favorite foods!

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Hairball Relief Is Here

Hairball Control Formulas

Made with natural fiber sources to help promote smooth digestion and reduce hairball formation.



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