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BLUE True Solutions™

Support your cat’s specific health needs, naturally, with Blue Buffalo.

For a wholesome diet dedicated to your cat, there’s BLUE True Solutions. Formulated by veterinarians and PhD animal nutritionists, these foods are made with ingredients clinically proven to address unique health concerns like hairballs or weight control, or to support the needs of a specific lifestyle.

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Targeted Nutrition for Cats

Science-Based Formulas as Unique as They Are

Because every cat is different, we created a line of diets targeted at common health concerns. Made from the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, True Solutions is the natural way to support your cat’s unique needs. Explore the full lineup of dry and wet cat food recipes to find the one that helps your best friend thrive.

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  • True Solutions Blissfull Belly for Cats Formula Bag

    Blissful Belly

    BLUE True Solutions

    Happy belly, happy kitty. Support your cat’s digestive health with the prebiotic fiber — clinically proven to support digestive health — in this wholesome, chicken-first formula.

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  • True Solutions Healthy Formula Bag

    Healthy Weight

    BLUE True Solutions

    Does your cat have a little more to love? This chicken-first formula can help with L-Carnitine, clinically proven to support ideal weight, plus added fiber to help cats feel full.

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  • True Solutions Perfect Skin and Coat Formula Bag

    Perfect Skin & Coat

    BLUE True Solutions

    When it comes to our cats, it’s what’s on the inside — and outside — that counts. This formula contains Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, clinically proven to support healthy skin and a shiny coat from the inside out.

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  • True Soluions Fab Feline for Cats Formula Bag

    Fab Feline

    BLUE True Solutions

    Your house cat is anything but common. Feed an optimal diet with this formula, made with real chicken first plus L-Carnitine to support a healthy weight.

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  • True Solutions Hairball Control Formula Bag

    Hairball Control

    BLUE True Solutions

    Show your cat’s hairballs who’s boss with this formula, featuring a unique blend of cellulose and psyllium seed husks to help reduce hairballs, plus prebiotic fiber to support healthy digestion.

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    Dry Food

Our Approach to Specific Health Needs

Targeted Nutrition

    • Veterinarian-Recommended Ingredients: The majority of veterinarians would recommend the ingredients in BLUE True Solutions diets.*
    • Science-Based Formulas: Our formulas are created by an expert team of veterinarians and PhD animal nutritionists with ingredients clinically proven to support specific health needs.
    • Real Meat Is the First Ingredient: Made with wholesome grains and healthy fruits and vegetables, True Solutions offers delicious, natural nutrition enhanced with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

*Dry formulas only

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BLUE True Solutions Benefits

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Real Meat as the First Ingredient

Corn, Wheat, or Soy

Chicken (or Poultry) By-Product Meals





Each formula provides complete and balanced nutrition and is formulated to meet AAFCO’s nutrient profiles.

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...We love that she is getting quality ingredients and all the nutrients she needs without an upset tummy.

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