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Give the Tasty Treats Your Dog Deserves

Discover a world of delights for your dog with BLUE treats, available in all their favorite varieties including limited-edition holiday batches!

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Tasty Natural Dog Treats

Treat Well with BLUE

BLUE dog treats are more than just delicious — they’re made with healthy, natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals. And a variety of tastes and textures — from classic Bones to soft training Bits to meaty Nudges — ensures there’s a BLUE treat for every good boy and girl.

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    For Good Boys and Ghouls


    Your dog’s best tricks deserve the very best treats! Bring them in on the Halloween fun with crunchy baked, or soft and meaty treats in fun, festive shapes.

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    Classically Crunchy Treats

    Deliciously Oven-Baked

    For pups who crave a crunch (and isn’t that all of them?), BLUE offers a wide selection of classic, oven-baked goodness. Treat your dog to a variety of flavors — from bacon, egg, and cheese to banana and yogurt — in healthy recipes sure to satisfy.

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    Deliciously Meaty Treats

    Flavors to Savor

    Nothing gets tails wagging quite like delicious real meat. Our meat-first treats come in every style under the sun, from pepperoni-style Stix to tender and savory Nudges Jerky Cuts. Go fetch your dog’s new favorite!

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    Kitchen Classics

    Inspired by Home Cooking

    We share everything with our pups — and the joy of home-cooked foods is no exception. You’ll find bacon-style treats, burger-inspired patties, and even a dog-friendly chicken pot pie recipe in this delectable lineup.

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    Satisfyingly Chewy Treats

    To Keep ’Em Busy

    The joy of treats isn’t just about taste. Most dogs love the sensation of chewing — all the better if it’s on something packed with healthy ingredients. BLUE has a variety of chews to keep your pup busy (and your shoes safe).

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    Hardworking Dental Bones

    For a Happy, Healthy Mouth

    At BLUE, we’re big on great taste with benefits. Our delectable Dental Bones deliver by freshening breath, cleaning teeth, and even promoting gum health — all top priorities for your pup and anyone he’s smothering with kisses.

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    Tempting Training Treats

    Motivating Morsels

    When it comes to training your pup, positive reinforcement is key. Available in a variety of flavors, our training morsels are designed to be doled out as you train without overdoing it.

Whip up a PSL with BLUE!

A Bark-Worthy Brew

Fall into flavor and spoil your best friend with our recipe for a wholesome and delicious dog-friendly Pumpkin Spice Latte! The power pumpkins have over us this time of year isn’t just about taste. Pumpkin is a superfood that adds fiber, vitamins, and minerals to our dog's diets. Check out our recipe, grab a bag of Boo Bars, and get to brewing this autumn adventure in a cup.

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I’ve always trusted Blue Buffalo with my dog. The ingredients are safe and my dog loves them! He could eat the entire bag in one night if I let him...

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