Treat Up with BLUE

Every single one of BLUE's tasty treats – the crunchy ones, the soft ones, the bacon-style ones, even the cat treats with the creamy centers – they're all made with the ingredients your pet deserves.

Why Choose Blue

Our Treats Philosophy

Once upon a time, we promised Blue we’d make him the healthiest food possible, and our treats are no exception. Just like all BLUE foods, each one of our tasty treats is made with healthy, wholesome ingredients you’ll feel good about giving. 

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Proudly made in the usa

Treats from America’s Heartland

At BLUE, our safety and quality standards are at the heart of everything we do, and that includes our treats. That’s why we built state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in the Midwest where we produce our delicious dog and cat treats. 

Every BLUE treat we produce goes through testing and safety processes that begin with an inspection of our ingredients and end with a final check of every bag that leaves the line. We’re proud to set new standards in safety, and we’re honored to do it in America’s heartland. 


Good For Dogs and Cats