Cat swiping at the screen with its paw

NEW Crunchy, Creamy Cat Treats Bursting with Flavor

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Your Feline’s Favorite Flavors

Starting with real chicken or fish, our treats come in flavors your cat will love.

Blue Bursts Cat Treats with Paw licking chicken

Paw-Lickin' Chicken
Blue Bursts Cat Treats with Seafood

Savory Seafood
Blue Bursts Cat Treats with Delish Liver and Beef

Delish Liver & Beef

They’re Crunchy.

They’re Creamy.

They’re Oh-So Dreamy!

With two tantalizing textures and real chicken or fish as the first ingredient, cats go crazy for BLUE Bursts! Made with all natural ingredients and free of chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, corn, wheat and soy, they’re packed with wholesome goodness you’ll feel good about giving.