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Product Recalls

Are There Any Blue Buffalo Recalls in 2024?

Blue Buffalo doesn’t have any active pet food or treat recalls. For accurate pet food recalls and withdrawal information, we encourage you to visit the FDA site.

As of 2/1/2024

Why are pet foods recalled?

Like human foods, pet foods and treats are either recalled voluntarily by the manufacturer or by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because they’re determined unsafe to consume. Typical reasons for a recall are:

  • Contamination of the food or its ingredients
  • Incorrect labeling of an ingredient or nutrition
  • Non-edible item found in the food
  • Integrity and safety of the packaging is compromised

Always check the FDA website for accurate information on recalls for all pet food and treat brands.

If a pet food is recalled, the manufacturer will list all of the affected items by their identifying 4-5 digit SKU number that appears near the barcode on the package or can label.

1) See if the SKU number for your food is listed for a recall.

2) If the SKU number is listed, check the date and lot codes in the “Best By” area printed on the packaging.

3) If the date and lot codes aren’t on the recall list, the food you purchased hasn’t been affected.

4) If the SKU number plus the date and lot codes are on the recall list, stop feeding the food right away and return it for a full refund.

What is Blue Buffalo doing to ensure its pet foods and treats are safe?

Because quality and safety are our #1 priorities, we always start with high-quality ingredients carefully selected by veterinarians and animal nutritionists for every recipe we make. For instance, Blue Buffalo uses only real chicken from U.S. suppliers in all of our chicken recipes, and our True BLUE Promise assures that it’s the first ingredient.

Blue Buffalo’s Rigorous, 6-Point Quality Check:

Blue Buffalo has strict controls in place for every product we create, to ensure the ingredients meet our high-quality standards. The six points include:

1)  Check Our Sources

  • As part of the formulation of all Blue Buffalo products, we start by testing each ingredient for its nutritional value
  • For each shipment that comes in, our ingredients suppliers are required to test ingredients to ensure they meet our specific quality requirements
  • We check the quality of each of our suppliers by verifying their programs and processes


2)  Test Ingredients

  • Before ingredients come into the manufacturing facilities, we double-check to ensure their quality was maintained in transit
  • We make sure ingredients will deliver on BLUE’s Guaranteed Analysis for each of our product


3)  Monitor with Batching

  • At this point we start batching, which means we combine ingredients to create the desired dietary formula
  • We conduct ongoing monitoring to ensure BLUE formulas are made correctly
  • During this process, we track where and how we use the ingredients


4)  Conduct In-Process Analysis

  • We collect samples to verify that we’re meeting product specifications
  • Facilities and equipment are thoroughly cleaned on a routine basis and monitored for cleanliness daily
  • We maintain and test equipment to ensure it’s working correctly


5)  Evaluate Packaging

  • After packages are filled, we use metal detectors/X-rays as an extra step to ensure food safety
  • We check the integrity of the packaging to ensure freshness
  • Then we verify net weight and check the physical appearance


6)  Assess Finished Product

  • After everything is packaged, our plant teams conduct final, formal product reviews to make sure everything we make meets our quality and safety standards
  • Finally, we track product performance and monitor feedback, ensuring your pets get the highest quality, most effective product possible

If you ever have any questions or concerns about Blue Buffalo foods and treats, please fill out our contact us form or call us at (800) 919-2833.

For accurate pet food recalls and withdrawal information, we encourage you to visit the FDA site.