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What is TruMune?

Supporting Immune Function and Digestive Health

TruMune, a natural, dual-action nutrient blend, provides a unique and concentrated source of bioactive compounds that work with your dog’s biology to support both immune function and digestive health.

TRUMUNE is a licensed trademark of Diamond V Mills, LLC.

How it Works

The Benefits of TruMune

Immunity starts in the intestines where "friendly" bacteria – probiotics – absorb nutrients and help protect the body from unfriendly microorganisms. TruMune helps balance the good and bad bacteria in your dog's gut to promote healthy digestion, which in turn supports his immune system.

Immunity takes energy. By helping your dog's immune system function more efficiently, TruMune can improve your best buddy's vitality for growing, playing and enjoying a healthy life.

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    Supports a Healthy Intestinal System


    • Provides natural antioxidant power
    • Maintains gut health with an ideal balance of different types of bacteria
    • Supports and maintains natural immune defenses
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    Improves Energy & Vitality


    • Clinical studies show improved stamina in dogs of all sizes
    • Supports active and healthy lives