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How to Make a Festive Holiday Stocking for your Cat  

Make the season that much brighter for your furry pal with this easy guide. 

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image of a cat by a christmas tree

Seeing a stocking pinned up by the fire is a classic way to start feeling festive for the holiday season. When you’re pinning up your family’s stockings this year, don’t forget to include one for your special cat! 

Instead of spending money on a cookie-cutter stocking, show your pal some love by handcrafting a special holiday stocking, personalized just for her. It’s not hard, and you won’t even have to use a sewing machine. Just follow these easy steps, get creative, and have fun!

1. Choose your material, draw stocking shapes, and cut.

Burlap, felt, velvet — start with whatever material strikes your fancy. Choose scraps that will allow you to cut stocking shapes large enough to hold all the toys and treats you want to put inside. Cut two stocking shapes that are mirror images of each other and remember to leave enough room for gluing or sewing the edges (about three-eighths of an inch should do).

2. Glue or sew the sides.

Put the two stocking pieces together, and glue or sew the seams. Feel like showing off? Add some pizzazz by gluing or sewing a festive ribbon or zig-zag binding tape over the seams.

3. Fold the top over to make a cuff

You can add fringe at the bottom of the cuff or glue cotton balls on the fold-over fabric to make it fluffy. If you’d like the cuff to be a different material or color, cut two additional stocking pieces out of different fabric when you complete Step 1. Then, layer the pieces so they create an inner lining between the outer pieces before you glue or sew them together.

4. Put on all the bells and whistles.

Now the fun part! Add your kitty’s name with stenciled felt or permanent marker. Glue whatever decoration you’d like — appliqués, jingle bells, snowflakes, or pompoms — to make it your cat’s “signature” stocking. Just be sure the decorations aren’t choking hazards in case your feline friend gets dazzled by her festive stocking and makes it her new toy!

5. Add the stocking stuffers.

The whole point of a holiday stocking is to fill it with your kitty’s favorite tasty treats and toys — so pick a few special gifts for your furry friend and let the holiday cheer begin!

We hope your cat loves both this crafty homemade stocking and the wonderful gifts inside. Don’t be surprised if you see your feline friend diving in to see what other goodies she might find!