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Keeping Your Cat Warm in Winter

How to create a cozy, cold-weather retreat for your cat. 

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image of a cat curled up by feet

Like Pet Parents, cats of all ages can get a little chilly as the temperature drops. These tips will help you keep your feline comfy, warm, and safe.

Keep her moving!

There's nothing like a workout to keep warm! Use pointers or cat towers to keep your cat up and active.

Don't skip spa day.

A cat's hair and skin can be susceptible to winter dryness, just like human skin. Regular grooming maintains a silky coat and prevents matting, which can lead to irritated skin.

Make sweet dreaming a little warmer.

Heated beds can help create a halo of warmth when your cat dozes off. You can also create a warm nook with soft blankets, away from drafty doors and windows. If your cat loves the outdoors, it’s best for her to stay inside during the winter — especially if she’s still a kitten. Like humans, cats can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite.

Safety tip: Cats love warm spots, so be sure to keep space heaters out of reach and place gates around fireplaces.

Get under the hood.

If your cat plays in the garage, you might find her trying to get warm under your car during the winter. Give the hood a couple of bangs so she’ll dart out from underneath toward a safer spot, then bring her inside the house before you get back in the car and drive off.

Safety tip: Securely store winter salts and anti-freeze solutions since they are poisonous to pets.