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Yes, Your Cat Can Camp! Here’s How.

5 tips for giving your cat a new leash on (outdoor) life.

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image of a cat in a suitcase

Love that camping life and want to share it with your feline friend? You’re in luck. It is possible to go camping with your cat! Here’s how to set up a successful, cat-friendly camping trip you’ll both enjoy.

1. Know thy feline. Is she the camping type?

Before you book your trip, think about your cat’s personality and whether she’ll be up for an outdoor excursion. If your cat won’t enjoy a brand-new environment with lots of new sounds and smells, don’t force it. Your feline may be really into camping, or may never take to it, so be realistic when making your assessment.

2. Practice, practice, practice!

If your kitty has never been camping, it’s a great idea to try backyard camping before you go. See how she reacts to sleeping in a tent and watch her for signs of stress, like trying to hide or retreat, or becoming hyperactive.

3. Leash training is a must.

The great outdoors can be an awesome place for a cat to explore! The only condition: She must always be on a leash for her safety. This may require some practice, so take time before your trip to get her used to wearing a harness and walking on a leash.

Pro tip: Place the leash and harness on the floor so your cat can sniff it. Then drape the harness on your feline so she gets used to the feeling of it on her body and is calm when you take it off. Once your cat is used to wearing the harness, attach the leash and walk her around indoors before taking her outside. Patience and persistence is key.