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September Winners!

Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Sylvi
  • Breed: Weimaraner
  • Hometown: Kellogg, IA
  • Birthday: 05/14/2018
  • Favorite Toy: Deer Antler
  • Favorite Activity: Swimming
  • Least Favorite Thing: My Kennel
  • Rules I Like to Break: Sleeping in the bed
  • Craziest Thing I've Done: Destroyed a winning scratch off ticket
  • Perfect Day: Sleeping
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Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Baby
  • Breed: American Medium Hair
  • Hometown: Joliet , IL
  • Birthday: 05/05/2018
  • Favorite Toy: Fuzzy
  • Favorite Activity: Biting
  • Least Favorite Thing: Cigarette smoke
  • Rules I Like to Break: Biting and jumping on my mom
  • Craziest Thing I've Done: Run out the house
  • Perfect Day: Cuddling with my mom
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August Winners!

Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Izzy Pop, Pretty Girl, Nugget head
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Hometown: Rincon, GA
  • Birthday: 01/03/2017
  • Favorite Toy: My squeaky panda toy
  • Favorite Activity: Sunbathing, sitting in my spot on the couch, playing catch
  • Craziest Thing I've Done: Put my paws in Georgia snow!
  • Rules I Like To Break: Getting into the trash can and eating shoes
  • Perfect Day: Sunbathing and eating all the treats!
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Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Arlo
  • Breed: American Shorthair
  • Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
  • Birthday: 03/15/2018
  • Favorite Toy: Rainbow snake wand
  • Favorite Activity: Pouncing on bugs
  • Craziest Thing I've Done: Explore a hiking trail
  • Rules I Like To Break: Eating my brother's puppy food
  • Perfect Day: Sleep in, eat good, sun bathe & hunt
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July Winners!

Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Giraffe
  • Breed: Great Dane
  • Hometown: Miami, FL
  • Birthday: 06/19/2017
  • Favorite Toy: Wubba
  • Favorite Activity: Napping
  • Least Favorite Thing: Bath time
  • Rules I Like to Break: Chewing on shoes
  • Craziest Thing I've Done: Jump like a Kangaroo
  • Perfect Day: Fetching treats across the yard
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Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Meemo
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Hometown: Wilmington, NC
  • Birthday: 05/16/2016
  • Favorite Toy: My scratching pad.
  • Favorite Activity: Sleeping.
  • Least Favorite Thing: The window stopping me from catching critters!
  • Rules I Like to Break: I like throwing things on the floor.
  • Craziest Thing I've Done: Eat salad. I love greens.
  • Perfect Day: An enclosed outdoor run with scratchy walls, things to chase, and all the kale I can eat.
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June Winners!

Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Stasia
  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Hometown: Albany, NY
  • Birthday: 12/09/2014
  • Favorite Toy: My rope Toy
  • Favorite Activity: Running in the snow
  • Least Favorite Thing: Baths
  • Rules I Like to Break: I like to beg
  • Craziest Thing I've Done: ESCAPED!
  • Perfect Day: Having all my family rubbing my belly
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Blue's Buddies


  • Nickname: Kitten
  • Breed: Other
  • Hometown: Spooner, WI
  • Birthday: 03/23/2018
  • Favorite Toy: Catnip Mouse
  • Favorite Activity: Running up & down the hallway
  • Least Favorite Thing: Nothing! I’m too easy going!
  • Rules I Like to Break: Clawing everything
  • Craziest Thing I've Done: Chasing chickens! They are no match for me!
  • Perfect Day: Sleeping
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