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  • Birthday 04/30/2014
  • Breed Mixed Breed
  • Shelter Dogwood Animal Shelter
  • Adopted Osage Beach, MO

My Adoption Story:

One Saturday morning on our way to do some hiking we decided to stop by Dogwood Animal Shelter to visit with the animals.(We often visit our local shelter.) We walked through spending a few minutes with each dog. As with most shelter dogs, they were all barking and jumping for attention. Then we came to the kennel of this beautiful Lab mix named Honey. She wasn't barking and was sitting towards the back of the kennel so we couldn't reach her. I knelt down in front of kennel and reached my hand in while talking to her trying to convince her to come to me. She cautiously approached sniffing my hand and within seconds of her approving my touch she laid her head in my hand. In that moment, she stole my heart. We had been searching for the right dog since losing our 13 year old German Shepherd and Honey was the one. We are happy to have her as part of the family. She learned very quickly she can trust us to take care of her. She loves hugs and enjoys her daily walks. Honey is now happy!

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