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A full diagnosis included: 

  • Observation of an oblong (9.2 x 2.5 mm) marginated urolith in the bladder (see fig. 1)
  • Hematuria concentration (USG, 1.048), acidic urine (pH, 5.5)
  • No evidence of a urinary tract infection on the urinalysis or urine culture detected

Dharma was placed on BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet W+U Weight Management + Urinary Care and advised to return after 14 days for re-evaluation.

Dharma Figure 1

After just 14 days on BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet W+U, complete urolith dissolution was noted.

Dharma Figure 2

Additional details:

  • No evidence of the previous urolith was observed in the bladder (see fig. 2)
  • Microscopic hematuria with concentrated, acidic urine (pH, 6.0, USG, 1.050) on cystocentesis sample was detected



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