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How to Make a Frozen Treat for Your Cat

They’ll go crazy for the fishy surprises!

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Blue Buffalo cat treats ice cube tray, Frozen salmon treats for your feline friend with Blue buffalo Savoury Seafood Cat food

This quick cat recipe isn’t just a fun way to change up treat time, it also doubles as an interactive toy. Once your cat realizes there are some surprises in the ice, they won’t want to stop until every last bit of flavor has been found and devoured. And since cats could always use a little more hydration, this cool cube is a great way to add more water to their diet.


Tools You’ll Need

  • Cat bowl
  • Ice cube mold
  • Freezer
  • Spoon


Always refer to the feeding guidelines on each package to be sure to meet and not exceed your best friend’s daily caloric intake.

Steps for preparing the cat-friendly Ice Ice Salmon recipe using Blue Buffalo cat food