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How to Make a Savory Soufflé for Your Cat

Fine dining your cat has never been easier (or quicker!).

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Blue Buffalo cat food featuring a Chicken & Seafood Soufflé recipe using Blue Buffalo Cat food

It’s high time cats joined in on the fun of mixing wet and dry food. This savory soufflé features a wet topper that will pique your cat’s curiosity and taste buds, and keep them coming back for more. With just two BLUE ingredients, this recipe is easy to whip up on a whim so your cat never tires of what’s on the menu.


Tools You’ll Need

  • Cat bowl
  • Cat food scoop


Always refer to the feeding guidelines on each package to be sure to meet and not exceed your best friend’s daily caloric intake.

Steps for preparing the cat-friendly Chicken & Seafood Soufflé recipe using Blue Buffalo cat food