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How to Make a Snack for Your Sensitive Cat

Introduce a lick mat for all sorts of snacking fun.

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Blue Buffalo cat food featuring  a Cat-Friendly Sensitive Snacktime recipe with Blissful Belly cat food

We made this specially curated recipe for all the cats with sensitive tummies to add a little pizzazz to snack time. All you have to do is combine some BLUE True Solutions wet and dry foods on a lick mat and watch your cat make a happy little mess. Don’t worry about cleanup — your kitty will gladly take care of every last morsel either in the moment, or they’ll come back to it later to keep the party going.


Tools You’ll Need

  • Cat bowl
  • Cat food scoop
  • Spoon


Always refer to the feeding guidelines on each package to be sure to meet and not exceed your best friend’s daily caloric intake.

Steps for preparing the cat-friendly Sensitive Snacktime recipe using Blue Buffalo cat food