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Wake Up Your Pup with This Breakfast Sandwich

Fine dining your dog has never been easier (or quicker!).

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Blue Buffalo dog food featuring a Filet Mignon Breakfast Sandwich using Blue Buffalo Dog treats food

We created this filet mignon recipe for your pup because they deserve the finest culinary cuisine. This sandwich is full of surprises, too: mouthwatering filet mignon, bacon, eggs, and even a little cheese. While a sandwich is usually eaten with two paws, this delicious delicacy is best served in a dog bowl due to the frenzy that will ensue.

Even though it’s called a breakfast sandwich, this dog-friendly recipe can be served any time of the day!


Tools You’ll Need

  • Dog bowl
  • Spoon
  • Knife


Always refer to the feeding guidelines on each package to be sure to meet and not exceed your best friend’s daily caloric intake.

Steps for preparing the dog-friendly Filet Mignon Breakfast Sandwich recipe using Blue Buffalo dog food