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How to Make Your Dog a Turkey Pot Pie Bowl

Your pup is eating like family this Thanksgiving with this fun recipe!

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Turkey Pot Pie Bowl

The holidays are almost here, and we think your dog deserve a delicious turkey dinner, too. While your furry family members can’t enjoy everything in your holiday spread, this festive meal will have them feeling full of love this season! A Turkey Pot Pie Bowl is quick and easy to make, which means you’ll have time to whip one up for your pup before dinner is served.

With just three Blue Buffalo food and treats, you’ll create a puptastic Turkey Pot Pie Bowl for your dog.

Turkey Pot Pie Bowl


Tools You’ll Need

  • Dog bowl
  • Dog food scoop
  • Spoon


1. Add a can of BLUE Homestyle Recipe Turkey Meatloaf Dinner with Garden Vegetables to your pup’s bowl as a base.

2. Pour a half serving of BLUE Buffalo Life Protection Formula Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe over the Turkey Meatloaf Dinner base.

3. Top with a crumbled Pumpkin Cinnamon BLUE Buffalo Health Bar as the bowl’s “pie crust.”

4. Place the completed Turkey Pot Pie Bowl in front of your pup to enjoy for dinner!

Turkey Pot Pie Bowl