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Best Activities for When the Grandpup Has Lots of Energy … But You Don't

Easy ways to burn off your granddog’s energy when you’re ready to wind down.

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Puppies and young dogs are undeniably cute. They also have an undeniable amount of puppy energy, and that can sometimes be challenging for a Pet Grandparent! Here are some tips for burning your granddog’s energy when he’s ready to party, but you need to take it easy.

Puzzle that energy out.

Exercise doesn’t just have to be physical — mental stimulation is also important exercise that can tire out your grandpup. Try puzzle games, toys, and feeders that will encourage your granddog to work his brain. Toys that make your pal work for his dinner — like snuffle mats (fleece fabric strips tied to a rubber mat with holes in it) — are fantastic options for keeping his mind occupied.

Play a sit-down game of fetch.

If you have the space in your home (and your furry friend loves to retrieve), you can always sit on the couch while throwing a ball or toy for your grandpup. The same goes for a park or other enclosed area with a bench — you take a load off while your pal gets a workout.

Make a playdate with another pup.

Sometimes the best way for a young dog to get tired is through play with another canine companion! If you know of a friendly pup your granddog would enjoy playing with, invite them and their Pet Parent over for a playdate. The dogs can tucker each other out while you watch (and make sure they don’t get into trouble).

Work those chewing muscles.

A safe, long-lasting chew can help burn a pup’s energy, too. Bully sticks and beef tendons are tasty and digestible, and hard rubber toys are a great option for super-chewers. Always keep an eye on your granddog while he chews, though — just in case smaller pieces break off and become a choking hazard. (Checking your grandpup’s profile in Buddies is a great way to keep track of his favorite chew treats.)

Bring in some backup (dog walkers or doggie daycare).

If you aren’t able to give your grandpal the physical exercise he needs (and that’s okay), consider hiring a dog walker or sending him to a reputable doggie daycare while he’s in your care. He can wear himself out on a long walk or with all-day play, then come home tired and ready for a solid snooze on the couch — with you!